Top 10 Esports Team In 2022 : DWG Kia vs Navi ? Whos The Best

Esports Team, brief for electronic sports, is a type of competitors utilizing computer game. Esports typically takes the kind of arranged, multiplayer computer game competitors, especially in between expert gamers, individually or as teams.

Groups of individuals playing video games versus each other at an expert level, frequently winning significant amounts of cash as rewards. These groups practice and contend on their particular video game simply as a footballer or other sportspeople would make too.

History Of Esport Team

In Esports, players square off either in groups (multiplayer) or separately. The most popular Esports video games consist of League of Legends, Call of Responsibility, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, Fortnite, Madden NFL, and Overwatch. Street Fighter, Super Smash Brothers, and Mortal Kombat video games are likewise popular Esports.

Esports, as we understand them today, are relatively brand-new. Nevertheless, competitive video gaming has actually been around because of the days of Pong. Esports traces its origins back to 1972 when house consoles very first ended up being typical.

Quick forward to 1998, the famous Starcraft 2 competition on PC boasted more than 50 million online audiences, 17 million of those getting involved through Twitch.

As the 2000s rolled around, Esports got significant momentum. Competition hosts such as the World Cyber Games and the Electronic Sports World Cup debuted, followed by the launch of Big league Video Gaming (MLG) in 2002. Today, MLG is thought about among the world’s most popular hosts in Esports.

With substantial development year after year, the eSports market is a contemporary gold rush. Significant media networks ESPN, TBS, SyFy, and Telemundo all broadcast esports occasions 5, standard sports leagues like the NHL and the NBA have actually released leagues and competitions, and owners of NBA and NFL groups have actually included ownership stakes in esports groups.

In the U.S., over 600 universities and colleges have actually included university esports groups and/or scholarships for esports, and this year PlayVS revealed a collaboration to bring esports to 19,500 high schools. The numbers plainly indicate that eSports is here to remain.

Leading 10 esports Team.

# 10 Gen.G Esports

Top 10 Esports GG

Gen.G Esports formerly referred to as KSV Esports, is an expert esports company with head offices in Santa Monica, Seoul, and Shanghai. According to Forbes, Gen.G has been the 6th most crucial esports company worldwide since December 2020, worth US$ 185 million.

Gen.G Esports was formed in 2017 as KSV eSports by Kevin Chou and Kent Wakeford, co-founders of the video game development company Kabam. This team would later be known as the Seoul Dynasty.

KSV eSports revealed a rebranding to Gen.G. On January 20, 2020, Gen.G was shown to be behind an NBA 2K League franchise called the “Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai,” the very first franchise to not be associated with an NBA group and the very first franchise beyond The United States and Canada.

Together with the statement, Gen.G revealed that itself and the NBA 2K League were interacting in a “long-lasting tactical relationship.” On August 27, 2020, Gen.G was announced as one of the 10 chosen groups as part of League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) franchising.

Gen.G Esports’ League of Legends group ranked tenth with 51.6 million Hours Viewed. The group expectedly drew in the most audiences’ attention throughout Worlds 2021: the group made it to the semifinals, collecting 24.2 million Hours Enjoyed (46% of the year overall).

Other accomplishments of the Gen.G team consist of the 2nd location in the LCK Spring 2021 and the 3rd location in the LCK Summertime 2021.

# 9 Cloud9

Esports C9

C9 is most well-known for its League of Legends team due to having the longest-standing roster of the same players. They also have groups in CS: GO, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Hearthstone, Super Smash Bros.

C9’s League of Legends group has actually constantly been among the leading rivals in the North American League Champion Series. One way or another, the group has actually frequently handled to discover their method to the World Champion. They have yet to secure a higher than a 5th-8th place finish.

The team was the LCS Spring 2021 champion and was third in the LCS Summer 2021. The team also participated in the international tournaments: it was fifth in the Mid-Season Invitational 2021 and 5th-8th in the Worlds 2021.

# 8 Team Spirit Esports Team

Top 10 Esports TS

Team Spirit is a Russian esports company based in Moscow. Founded in 2015, the company presently has groups completing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends, and Hearthstone. Their Dota 2 team won The International 2021 and got the most significant single cash prize payment in esports history at $18 million.

In 2021, the team made a historic breakthrough by becoming the first Russian team to win The International (and the second CIS team after NAVI). Over the year, Team Spirit amassed 52.85 million Hours Watched, and The International accounted for 66% of that number.

# 7 Blacklist International

Blacklist Team

Blacklist International is a Southeast Asian esports company under Tier One Home Entertainment. They handle competitive esports departments in PUBG, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Garena Free Fire, and Call of Duty: Mobile.

Seventh place in the ranking of the most-watched esports teams is taken by Blacklist International’s Mobile Legends: Bang team. The team accumulated 53.3 million Hours Watched in a year, 41% of which were from the M3 World Championship.

# 6 MAD Lions

Top 10 Esports madlions

On December 3, 2019, the two organizations were merged to form a single organization. OverActive Media Group also manages the Toronto Defiant spot in the Overwatch League and the Toronto Ultra spot in the Call of Duty League.

In 2021, the team amassed 55.1 million Hours Watched thanks to several successful performances. The team won the European League Spring and the Summer Splits, placed 3th-4th in the Mid-Season Invitational 2021, and 5th-8th in the Worlds 2021.

# 5 EVOS Legends.


EVOS Legends is an Indonesian expert Mobile Legends group under EVOS Esports, a multi-gaming company based in Indonesia.

EVOS Legends’ ML: BB team is in the top 5 areas. The group might not make it to the worldwide M3 World Champion. However, it ended up being the champ of the MPL Indonesia Season 7, along with it took 3rd location in the MPL Indonesia Season 8 and the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2021.

These outcomes assisted in generating 57.2 million Hours Enjoyed, and the factor for that is that ML: BB is exceptionally popular in Indonesia, the house of the EVOS group.

# 4 RRQ Hoshi


RRQ Hoshi (previously called RRQ Oxygen and PSG.RRQ) is an Indonesian Mobile Legends group under RRQ, a multi-gaming company based in Indonesia.

Rex Regum Qeon Hoshi turned out to be the most-watched team in the ML: BB discipline. As previously mentioned, the team drew 3.107 million Peak Viewers in the M3 World Championship quarterfinal match against Blacklist International.

# 3 T1 Esports Team


T1 (formerly SK Telecom T1) is a professional esports organization. Initially founded in Korea in 2002 as Brood War team Orion by BoxeR before being title-sponsored by SK Telecom in 2004, they are mainly known for their StarCraft division’s exploits and their three-time World Champion League of Legends division.

The team ranked second in the LCK Summer 2021 and won the LCK Regional Finals 2021. At the Worlds 2021, the team took 3rd-4th place, losing to DAMWON Gaming KIA.

# 2 Navi


Natus Vincere (Latin for “born to win”), shortened NAVI (previously Na’Vi), is an esports company based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Founded in 2009, The company has players and teams contending in different video games, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, FIFA, World of Tanks, Paladins, League of Legends: Wild Rift, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Peak Legends, Rainbow 6 Siege, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Fortnite, and VALORANT.

Na’Vi’s Counter-Strike group was the very first in history to win 3 leading competitions– Intel Extreme Masters, Electronic Sports World Cup, and World Cyber Games 2010– in one fiscal year.

Their Dota 2 team won The International 2011, ending up being the most effective esports company at the time.

The team dominated the discipline throughout the second half of 2021 and won six major tournaments, including the PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

It should be noted that the victory in the major was the first in the history of the organization, and the grand final against G2 Esports attracted a record 2.75 million Peak Viewers for the CS: GO discipline.

# 1 DWG Kia


The most-watched esports team in 2022 is DAMWON Gaming KIA, The League of Legends team. The grand finals of the latter event were watched by over 4 million Peak Viewers, which is an absolute record for the discipline and the second-highest result in the history of esports.

DWG KIA, frequently described as DAMWON KIA and previously referred to as DAMWON Video gaming, is a South Korean expert esports company.

Its League of Legends group completes the LCK, the high-level league for the video game in South Korea.

DWG won their very first LCK title on September 5, 2020, after beating DRX in the 2020 LCK summertime finals. Eight weeks in the future, on October 31, 2020, Damwon won the 2020 World Champion after a dominant run through the group and knockout phases and a 3– 1 triumph over Suning in the grand finals.


Many teams are still thriving, and the major esports teams do not have as many worries. Here’s how esports teams make money for those looking to break into Esports.

There is no doubt that Esports has progressed into an worldwide phenomenon over the last five years. Thanks to streaming, community, and competition, it has developed numerous brand-new chances for individuals. What avenues are teams exploring to keep themselves financially positive?


Income and revenue reports from a few of the most popular esports businesses are not generally public for individuals to see. They conceal them due to the absence of comprehending the monetary part of esports. Aside from the top brands, most esports teams tend to lose money instead of profit.

To flourish in the business of esports, you need to be patient and regularly develop. Esports groups create cash from the competition cash prize, streaming/content production, product, and sponsorships.


This is not a consistent way to make money since you will not always be the team winning the largest prize pool. Long term, unless the team wins The International every year, or something equally crazy, tournament winnings alone can’t sustain the team.

Tournament winnings rely on the performance of quality players, and it is hard to find players who are not willing to join the more infamous teams. Suppose you are seeking to begin an Esports group.

In that case, it is essential to comprehend that you understand that winning competitions is not reasonable since a few of the very best on the planet will be using the significant groups. Even winning the most significant esports competitions will not suffice to keep a company sustainable.

Partnerships and Sponsorships

Thanks to the growing viewership of Esports, you do not need to rely entirely on competition reward swimming pools to generate income for the group.

In the esports market, sponsorships comprise most of the profits for groups. Brands understand the impact of esports, so they want to put their faith in esports groups to market their business to an audience.

Electronics companies and hardware are some of the biggest partners in Esports. However, supplement companies like G Fuel have sponsored many different esports personalities.

Analytics company Newzoo predicts esports revenue streams in 2021 and showed sponsorships making up over half of the revenue.

How To Join an Esports Team

Being a professional esports player who competes in big tournaments and has many fans is a feat many want to achieve. If you do have all the skills needed to become a pro, here are some ways you can get recruited by an esports team.

1. Take part in competitions and obtain noteworthy accomplishments

Apart from suggestions, esports groups generally likewise have particular departments that search for skills in the amateur scene. These talent scouts will keep track of esports matches in detail.

They will look at the method you play, the choices you make throughout the match, the mindset and behavior when completing, and so on.

You have to give your utmost best when competing to win and attract the scouts’ attention.

It should be noted that esports organizations can scout for full teams (five for MOBA or four for Battle Royale, for example) or just a single player.

Even if the esports organization is only looking for one player, they will also consider your team working abilities as it is an essential value to have as a pro player.

2. Esports Team Live streaming

If you feel that you have the needed abilities to contend in the competitive world of esports, and have actually accomplished a high rank in the video game, a similarly efficient method to draw the attention of professional groups is live streaming.

Register yourself on live streaming platforms such as Youtube Video Gaming, Facebook Video Gaming, or Nimo television. Live streaming will permit you to relay your gameplay and abilities to the general public.

Even if you do not succeed in getting into the professional scene, you can at least continue your career as a live-streamer. There are a number of examples of live-streamers who handled to go into the professional scene, such as Alex “Entruv” Prawira, who is now the PUBGM and Free Fire coach for the Aura Esports group.

3. Go up the leaderboards and turn into one of the leading gamers in the video game

Climbing up or pressing your in-game rank is frequently presumed by players as the preliminary phase to show your ability in the video game.

If you wish to be a pro, you must aim to get in the highest rank in the video game, such as Never-ceasing in Dota 2 or Mythic Glory in Mobile legends.

The important thing to note is that you have to showcase all your skills and prove that you are capable of becoming a professional player. One of the ways esports teams usually find new talents is through recommendations from players inside the organization.

You can try to get into the highest rankings, such as Top Global for MLBB. Pro groups frequently search for young gifted gamers on the top leaderboards of the game.

4. Search for opportunities in the pro teams’ social media accounts

Many esports teams have opened player recruitments on their social media. You will frequently need to check esports teams’ social media. Always be on the lookout for opportunities to sign up as a recruit.

As mentioned before, having a track record of achievement in tournaments or a high rank in the game is key to being successfully recruited through social media. Thus, these open recruitments are only suited to players who have high expertise or experience.

In addition, you can also follow popular figures in the esports industry such as AP from RRQ, Aldean Tegar from EVOS, Owljan from BOOM Esports, or other players from Bigetron, Alter Ego, and their friends to get more information.

We genuinely don’t recommend contacting these people if you do not have the necessary expertise to attract their attention. The last thing you want to happen is get blocked by these major players in the Indonesian esports ecosystem.

Unless you are as good as Muhammad “inYourdreaM” Rizky in Dota 2 or Hansel “BnTeT” Ferdinand in CS: GO, your chances of getting recruited become far greater if you have more acquaintances in the industry- besides having skills, of course.

5. Attending an esports academy

Several professional esports teams run their own esports academies, such as PUBGM RRQ Academy from the Rex Regum Quon. At RRQ Academy PUBGM, players will be trained by RRQ PUBGM players and coaches, namely Michael “StMichael” Chandra.

Esports academies provide an incredibly valuable opportunity for amateur players to get trained by pros and potentially enter an esports organization.

A tryout period is usually carried out if you are offered to join a professional esports team. If your gameplay meshes well with the existing team, this tryout period will typically take months to analyze.