Top 5 Esports Leagues in The World

The world of video games have been played for a long time as a pastime for kids, however in recent times, the situation has changed dramatically. In the blink of an eye professional leagues for various video games have grown enormous with millions of avid fans around the globe. Every league is unique based on the sport playing, but they all have the same structure. All teams have an athlete, coach and fans as well as sponsors. There are leagues for certain games where teams play in a season-long tournament that ends with playoffs while others host big events where teams get together and play in the grandest of events.

Esports Leagues

When discussing the best currently running Esports leagues, it is necessary to divide them into two halves. The first half is Esports leagues, while the other half is Esports tournaments. In leagues teams play regular games for a set period of time before fighting to the finish in the playoffs , where one team will be crowned the champion, just like the basketball, football and the baseball. Esports tournaments are big occasions a few occasions throughout the year, where a winner is announced after a couple of days, like other sports such as golf and tennis. The most prestigious Esports leagues include: Overwatch League, League Championship Series, Call of Duty World League as well as the Rocket League Champion Series. The most prestigious Esports tournaments include: The International (Dota 2) The International (Dota 2), The CS:GO Majors, Fortnite World Cup Finals as well as the Evolution Championship Series (Fighting games such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat). The variety of styles is part of what makes the Esports distinctive, and no matter what you like, there’s something that will appeal to you.

How popular Are Esports Leagues?

Esports are gaining popularity One of the main reasons is the ease of access to catch the best players compete. Live streaming is available via various online websites and the games themselves are spectacular spectacles. The sport industry has for a long time had a dominance over cable TV however Esports are helping usher into a new era of streaming online. The massive shift has resulted in some financial gains as well, with the addition of new partners and stream contracts that have brought in big bucks. The Esports sector overall earned 906 million dollars in 2018.

The largest and most well-known Esports leagues

Esports are still relatively young and their rising popularity is opening the door for opportunities for fans and players alike. The game’s landscape is constantly changing due to the increasing interest in esports, which has led to the development of new tournaments, leagues and other events. This means that there is no standard type of league for all competitive gaming.

In addition, various leagues around the globe offer diverse challenges and formats for various games. There are a few esports leagues that host tournaments where players compete one another for cash prizes. Some leagues operate more similar to traditional sports leagues, with a regular schedule and a playoff which will ultimately decide the winner. This article will take a look some of the largest and most well-known Esports leagues currently in play.

League of Legends Regional Leagues

The fans from European soccer will be familiar with the format League of Legends uses for its leagues. In Europe each country has its professional league. Each league has its own distinct entity that runs whole season to decide who will be the champion. Every year, the winners from these European leagues compete at the UEFA Champions League. The tournament showcases the top teams in Europe on display , and one team is crowned the as the champion.

Although the European soccer leagues and UEFA are restricted to Europe The League of Legends leagues span across the globe. The top leagues currently playing comprise Europe, North America, Korea and China.

Each league operates on their own, and split their seasons into Summer and Spring. Then, at the end of each year the top teams from each league compete at the League of Legends World Championship to determine a champion of the world.

League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK)

The Korean League of Legends league is among the best league in the world. The league of 10 teams has produced five consecutive world champions between 2013 and 2017. It is played in the Seoul OGN e-Stadium and in the Nexon Arena, both in South Korea

SK Telecom T1 is a six-time LCK champion as well as 3 time world champion. The team includes Lee Sang-hyeok (Faker) who is widely regarded as one of the best League of Legends players of the past. Other top teams of the league are Gen G (formerly known as Samsung Galaxy) and Kingzone DragonX.

League of Legends Pro League (LPL)

In general, it is the teams that are most likely to be closest to eclipsing the LCK at the World Championships. The league of 12 teams is astonishingly rich, with many of the most talented teams and players around the globe.

The most successful squads from China comprise the five-time LPL champion EDward Gaming, Royal Never Give Up, Team WE along with Invictus Gaming. Royal Never Give Up and Team WE finished third and fourth, respectively, just behind Samsung Galaxy and SK Telecom T1 at the 2017 World Championships.

European League of Legends Championship Series (LEC)

The European LoL Championship Series started with eight teams in 2013, and then grew to 10 teams in the year 2015. Fnatic was the dominant team at the beginning, but the power has recently been shifted towards G2 Esports.

North American League of Legends Championship Series (LCS)

The North American LoL Championship Series is still a long way off and has a lot of catching up to complete to get to the standards of other leagues across the country, but it’s progressing. A recent overhaul to inject more funds into the 10-team league, and the new owners are expected to bring more money and resources flowing to the team. The top teams are Team SoloMid, Cloud9, Team Liquid and 100 Thieves. The games are played in Riot Studios in Los Angeles, California.

Additional LoL Leagues

The League of Legends Master Series is a league with eight teams that includes players representing Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. The other leagues are the eight-team LCL Continental League in Russia as well as Japan’s LJL and Brazil’s CBLOL.

Overwatch League

Overwatch League Overwatch League was founded in 2017 and began its journey in the year 2018. The league was designed in the interests of an North American fan in mind. Instead of an relegation system, the Overwatch League has a 12 teams city-based franchise system. The teams will stay within the league, regardless of how they rank on the table. The games are played at the Blizzard Arena located in Los Angeles, California.

The 12 teamsare divided into divisions. They play 40 games during the duration during the entire season. There are 20 matches played within the divisions and 20 games played outside. The season is divided into four phases with each stage consisting of 10 games. After each stage those teams that are in the top 4 are placed in an eight-team playoff bracket to play for a $100,000 prize as the first place prize.

In the first year of league existence, New York Excelsior has established itself as the squad to defeat. The team scored 34-6 wins over its first 40 league matches in the year 2018. The team is headed by South Korean superstar Jong-ryeol Park (Saebyeolbe) One of the best Overwatch players in the world.

Who are the athletes?

League of Legends

  • Lee Sang-hyeok aka ‘Faker’ (Korea)
  • Soren Bjerg aka ‘Bjergsen’ (NA)
  • Yiliang Peng aka ‘Doublelift’ (NA)
  • Luka Perkovic aka ‘Perkz’ (EU)


  • Kenny Schrub aka ‘KennyS’ (EU)
  • Marcelo David aka ‘coldzera’ (Brazil)
  • Gabriel Toledo aka ‘FalleN’ (Brazil)


  • Brandon Larned aka ‘Seagull’ (NA)
  • Dante Cruz aka ‘Danteh’ (NA)
  • Seyeon Kim aka ‘Geguri’ (China)
  • Only female member of any Overwatch League

Rocket League

  • Garret Gordan aka ‘GarretG’ (NA)
  • Justin Morales aka ‘jstn’ (NA)
  • Victor Locquet aka ‘Fairy Peak’ (EU)
  • Dillon Rizzo aka ‘Rizzo’ (NA)
  • Mariano Arruda aka ‘SquishyMuffinz’ (NA)

What are the Organizations?

Many teams participating in Esports leagues get their funding from a particular type of organisation that manages the business side of the organization. The team is paid by the organization’s players, coaches, and also sponsors the team financially for travel and to participate in various events. Certain organizations have teams competing in a variety of games, and you could find the same teams from various Esports leagues. Here are a few more prominent names you may recognize.

  • Team Liquid
  • Team OG
  • Evil Geniuses
  • Fnatic
  • SK Telecom T1
  • Cloud 9
  • Team Solo Mid
  • FaZe Clan

Where can I stream Esports Leagues?

There are a variety of sites online that allow you to view Esports like Twitch, Youtube, and Mixer. There aren’t any tickets you must purchase and you only require access to an Amazon account to access the streaming. Over the last 10 years the largest streaming site, Twitch, has grown dramatically. In the chart below it is clear how fast it has expanded. Without the services such as Twitch this Esports growth would not have occurred. It’s so simple for the average player to connect with the best players in professional leagues due to this fantastic technology.